Magehem is a competitive, virtual reality (VR), tower defense game where you duel your opponent with an arsenal of spells, minions, and potions to try and destroy the opponent’s tower. The game will involve rounds of combat with brief pauses in between for strategic planning. Players will use a dynamic spell-casting system that they will be able to customize, as well as potions and minions to defeat their opponent while defending their own tower.

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Magehem was created by a group of nine of year 3 Brock University / Niagara Collage students called Digital Details. After exploring several  game ideas the team settled for the idea of what is Magehem today. More details can be found on the Digital Details website: 

Nick Anger

Dylan Robert Duncan Doyle

Mehran Mansour Feizi

Kyle Jones

Caldon Bowden

Mervin Hocson

Adam Henderson

Robbie Jolley

Gábor István CSeh

My Roles


My role in the beginning project was creating concept art for to help the team members as well as instructors better visualize how our game would look and feel like. However, for the duration of the development of the project I was primarily 3D Artist.
I oversaw creating 3D models of the concept art works created earlier in the project. Specifically, the modeling and texturing the mage models as well the tower models, amongst other things. Later in the project my work expanded to creating skeletons and rigging minion and mage characters for animating and finally working within the engine to ensure assets were working properly.

The following are some of the concept arts I worked on during the beginning of the project:

2D Assets & Concept Art

3D Assets



  • Magehem is a combination of the words Mage and Mayhem

  • Magehem originally had 6 mage characters, however after consideration, and votes taken by the team only 3 were kept.

  • Magehem was featured during the Level Up Showcase 2019 alongside several other games created by Brock university students.

  • Magehem was also featured during Niagara College GT launch 2019 alongside several games created by Niagara college students. 

  • In 2019 the Digital Details team was invited to attend the 6th annual Oculus start conference in San Jose California.


Download Game

If you wish to play the game for yourself, the lastest version featured in the 2019 lvlup showcase, is available on the Digital Details website as well as here. the game runs exclusively on the oculus platform.