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Walk With Me is a co-operative, 3D, isometric, adventure game where players take on the roles of The Reaper and The Lost Soul as they travel through The Netherworld. The players must explore, solve puzzles, and fend off enemies as they journey towards the afterlife.


Work together with a friend to take control of a Reaper tasked with guiding a Lost Soul through the Netherworld. Slice your way through hordes of Shadows to protect your Soul, while they solve environmental puzzles in order to allow the pair to progress toward their ultimate goal, Paradise.


This will be a co-operative game with a thematic focus on hope and companionship. The players will work together to solve puzzles and fight enemies using asymmetrical mechanics. Progression through the game requires both characters to perform their tasks, and often combining their abilities, in order to succeed. 

The Team
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Mervin Hocson

Martin Boote

Robbie Jolley

Al Ebanks

Kyle Giammarco

Mehran Mansour Feizi

Steven Brieda

Braden Tucker

David C

Nick Mccarthy

Nathan Lantz

Nick Clarke

Ivy Truong

My role

My roll

I had taken several roles throughout the project, serving as the Art Lead and Art Director as well as Character artist and animator. Alongside my primary responsibilities. I also worked on several minor environmental assets.

2D Concept Art

Hight Chart

3D Characters & Animation

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